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Andrey Esipov

What is more eloquent to speak about an artist than his artworks, and this page is not an exception. But since it is common to represent an artist's biography, here there are some facts of his career. Andrey Mikhaylovich Esipov. Nowadays he is a member of Professional Union of Artists and the International Art Fund. He lives and works in the city of Voronezh. At the very beginning of his career he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Arts and than he individually studied art in the studio of the great master, the Voronezh portraitist, the member of the Union of Artists, Merkulov Vladimir Frolovich.

He participated in decorating the interiors of the Moscow Suvorovsky School and FSS School in St. Petersburg. The range of the artist's creativity includes subject compositions, landscapes, portraits and still lifes. Among the techniques he prefers oil painting. In the artist's practice there are a lot of works in pastel and water color.

In art he adheres to his own perception of reality based on realistic views. The artist speaks about his attitude to creativity, "You should not doubt in "quality" of my works because each picture is created by me as if it was the last one, on the very edge of my artistic abilities, for art for me is not just a hobby, and not work, but the way of life, the Gift, granted to me by God, therefore, I just have no right to exchange it for various of life hassles, to give false priorities to temporary things - fees, attention of viewers, etc., but all these things are very quickly spent and forgotten, and the picture, if a part of soul is embedded in it, will live for ages. It is a simple truth, but, unfortunately, modern artists forget about it in a pursuit of the buyer, and therefore the art market stays in such sad condition, the authors are not in demand, and the connoisseurs of art do not find the one where the personal attitude of the artist to his creation is felt."

Among manifestations of vigorous artistic activity, it is possible to note participation of pictures of Andrey Esipov in various exhibitions, both in Russia and abroad, art catalogs, among which are "ARTINDEX, Artists 06", St. Petersburg 2006, "Russian Art 2009", Moscow 2009, "Russian Art 2010", Moscow 2010, and also creation of graphic illustrations for printed editions.

The artist's works are demanded, they are represented in private collections of Russia, Great Britain, the USA, Germany, France, Canada and Spain.

Information on Andrey Mikhaylovich Esipov as an artist may be found in numerous newspapers and journal publications/ It is presented in the reference encyclopedia "UNIFORM ART RATING", and also in the IV volume of the international encyclopedia "WHO IS WHO in Russia" containing biographies of personalities of the international, national and regional scales from the spheres of policy, sciences, art, mass media, sports, public organizations, religion, etc.


Article 184
Daughters Mother.
anvas, il, Spatula
80 cm x 60 cm
Article 194
Constancy of river cabbage.
anvas, il, Spatula
80 cm x 60 cm
Article 65
The red-haired hostess of Louvre.
anvas, il
70 cm x 70 cm
Article 56
A robber and a full moon.
anvas, il
50 cm x 65 cm
Article 50
Birth of silence.
anvas, il
35 cm x 50 cm
Article 188
To inaccessible spring.
anvas, il, Spatula
35 cm x 50 cm
Article 61
Take a rest from me, Mum.
anvas, il
53 cm x 40 cm
Article 186
Till tomorrow.
anvas, il, Spatula
48 cm x 50 cm
Article 195
Europe in the blue room.
anvas, il, Spatula
48 cm x 74 cm
Article 53
Pearl morning.
anvas, il
60 cm x 60 cm