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Rules RusArtist


Welcome to www.rusartist.de.

The main objective of RusArtist is providing artists and sculptors help in selling their Works.

All major details about publishing Works on the website and their purchase are listed in RusArtist Terms and Conditions. If you have some questions that are not answered there, please let us know using “Contact” form.


The Administration of RusArtist website (hereinafter referred as Administration) holds the right to change and/or supplement the current Terms and Conditions at its own discretion at any time without previous and/or further notice.

If you do not agree with the current Terms and Conditions, you have the right to refuse from following them unilaterally by complete stop of using all RusArtist services.

The integral parts of the current Terms and Conditions are:

·         General business conditions

·         Property rights

·        Terms of data publication



1.    Provided Services

1.1.Authors are permitted to publish information about intention to sell their Works on RusArtist.

1.2.Author can purchase European-quality materials for his Works on RusArtist website.

1.3.You will have a personal page, where information about You and photos of Your works will be published.

1.4.Portraits for commission.



2.    Limitation of Administration Liability

2.1.All services of RusArtist are provided “as they are”. Administration doesn’t guarantee that RusArtist services will correspond to Your requirements, as well as doesn’t accept the responsibility for compliance of the services with User’s purpose.

2.2.Administration doesn’t bear responsibility for breaks in providing services that are caused by technical problems in work of equipment and/or software.

2.3.Administration doesn’t bear responsibility before Users and any third-parties for any occasional, unintentional, indirect damage associated with the use of RusArtist content, including missed profits or lost data.

2.4.RusArtist can contain URLs to websites in the internet and any Content owned by third-parties. Such third-parties and their Content are not moderated by Administration for compliance with honesty, decency, lawfulness and other requirements. Administration doesn’t bear responsibility for any information published on third-party websites accessed via RusArtist.

2.5.The URL to any website, product, service, any commercial and non-commercial information placed on RusArtist is not an approval or recommendation of current products and services from the side of Administration. From the moment you go to third-party websites, the current Terms and Conditions are not more in force.



3.    Prohibited Use Of Website

The following use is forbidden:

3.1.    Reselling somebody else’s Works, if You haven’t made any efforts for their creation (except providing the Works of your relatives in cases, if for some reasons they have no access to internet).

3.2.Placing any materials that contain viruses or other code, files or programs intended for violating, destruction or limiting the functionality of any computer or telecommunication equipment or software, for providing unauthorized access.

3.3.Using RusArtist by any way that can affect its normal functioning.

3.4.Collecting and saving Users’ personal information by any possible way.



4.    Administration Rights

4.1.Administration holds the right to edit and/or delete any Content.

4.2.Administration holds the right to limit publishing Works in website sections selectively, and refuse to publish them in cases when they don’t match the subject, according to Administration’s opinion.

4.3.Administration holds the right to change website design, content, set of services at any time, as well as to modify or supplement software and other objects that are used or stored on the website, any server applications after previous notice or without it.

4.4.Website and provided services can be partly or fully unavailable due to maintenance needs or any other technical reasons. Administration has the right to carry out all necessary preventive or other works at any time by its own discretion, after previous notification of Users or without it.



5.    General Information

5.1.Current Terms and Conditions are the agreement between You and Administration regarding the use of RusArtist and its services. They substitute the previous agreements between You and Administration;

5.2.Current Agreement is regulated and interpreted in full accordance with the law of Germany. Statements that are not regulated by this Agreement are to be resolved in accordance with the law of Germany.

5.3.If for some reasons one or a few regulations of the current Terms and Conditions is not valid or have no judicial power, this doesn’t influence on the validity or applicability of other regulations.

5.4.Nothing in Terms and Conditions can be regarded as setting agent relationship between Author and Administration, as well as relationship for joint venture, personal recruitment or any other relations that are not foreseen by Terms and Conditions.