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Questions and Answers


  • How to publish works on the website?

·         If You reviewed our terms and conditions and would like to publish your works on our website, please contact us via “Contact” page.


  • Why cannot Author negotiate with a Customer directly?

·         Because there is no guarantee that a Customer will receive Work and that Author will receive payment for it. Administration takes this risk upon itself. Also there is a language barrier between Author and Customer.


  • How much is the canvas stretcher and postal charges?

·         The price of the canvas stretcher and postal charges for its delivery is 18 Euro.

  • How much is the custom fee for painting?

·         7% of assessed amount that was specified in painting shipment documents. For more details please contact us personally.


  •  Do I need to keep paintings that were published on the website at my home?

·         At the initial stage of our collaboration there is no need in keeping these works in hand. At a later stage, as the demand for Your works grows, a need to have a few works ready for shipment at home can occur. You may wish to keep two or three of your works at our place.


  • Is it possible to examine a chosen picture before its purchase?
    •    Yes, the picture before purchase may be examined. For this purpose you should contact us and arrange an appointment. Then you may see not only the picture which you choose, but also all pictures which available for sale.